The adventure of grandmother Fiorina and grandfather Giuseppe begins in 1947 when they start the production of homemade pasta; only in 1962 the first plant for the production of ravioli and tortellini comes into operation. Since then, technological evolution has never stopped but our philosophy has not changed: dedication to work with attention and passion, using only natural and genuine raw materials to keep intact "the flavors of the past".
We take the utmost care in processing procedures to pass down the best Piedmontese gastronomic tradition and make each product impeccable. A daily commitment, a technical standard of production constantly updated that goes from the preparation to the packaging when products are frozen immediately and brought to the temperature of -18 (in the heart of the product), to keep all the organoleptic characteristic and nutritional qualities, without adding any kind of preservatives.

Passion for genuineness since 1947
Homemade frozen pasta