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Passion for authenticity

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 "We are what we eat," said the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, and we believe strongly in this phrase. Food defines us, and just as man returns to his roots to discover himself, we rediscover and value the recipes of yesteryear. Why does our pasta have such a golden pastry and such a soft and tasty filling?

We use durum wheat semolina, high-quality wheat flour and fresh pasteurized eggs to make it.
The filling of our ravioli is delicate and maintains the right softness without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients. To ensure the quality of our products, we choose the best raw materials, carefully selecting them wherever possible in our area from local farms.


One of the key ingredients for good fresh pasta, however, are the people: faithful to the tradition that precedes us, our company adopts a work organization that is based on the principles of craftsmanship, thus preserving the taste of "homemade" products as in the past. This is also why we preserve our fresh pasta using only cold, with no added preservatives, so that you can enjoy its authentic taste.

Ingredienti della pasta
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