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Passion for authenticity since 1947
Artisan production of fresh frozen pasta

The adventure of grandmother Fiorina and grandfather Giuseppe began in 1947 with the production of fresh pasta completely by hand, only in 1962 did the first plant for the production of ravioli and tortellini come into operation. Since then, technological evolution has not stopped, but our philosophy has not changed: to devote ourselves to our work with the dedication and passion of our grandparents, using only natural and genuine raw materials to keep "The flavors of the past".

In fact, we have always taken the utmost care in processing procedures, to hand down the best Piedmontese gastronomic tradition and make sure that every product is impeccable.


A daily commitment, a constantly updated technical standard of production that goes from preparation to packaging. Products are instantly frozen and brought to a temperature of -18°C (in the heart of the product), to maintain all their organoleptic characteristics (flavor, smell, color) and nutritional qualities, without the addition of any kind of preservative.

Our company vision has always been oriented towards providing our customers with a product that combines craftsmanship and high quality.
Cold represents a natural preservative capable of extending the life of the product without altering its organoleptic characteristics. This allows us not to have to resort to the use of preservatives or artificial additives, maintaining the authenticity of the product unaltered over time.

Precisely in this direction, the freezing method turns out to be the most long-lasting natural conservation solution, an advantage that is reflected in three main aspects:

 Flexibility in use  the end customer can consume our frozen pasta over long time horizons. The contents of the packages do not necessarily have to be used in full on a single occasion but it is possible to use only the desired quantity and place what is leftover in the freezer for subsequent use (always within 12 months), significantly reducing waste;

⦁ Quality/price ratio  freezing allows us to produce in large quantities daily, this allows us to reduce production costs and offer the customer a high quality product at competitive prices;

⦁ Food safety  the cold chain guarantees hygienic-sanitary safety, prevents any bacteriological proliferation and allows safe and conscious consumption.

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