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Since its inception in 1947, our company has been built upon some fundamental values that are indispensable to us: tradition, quality, and respect for the land and the environment. It is precisely our focus on the latter aspect that has driven us to innovate our energy source, converting it 100% to sustainable energy.


Our commitment is aimed at shaping a sustainable and responsible future. Our mission is driven by the awareness of how crucial it is to take concrete measures to preserve our planet for future generations.



Starting from 2023, our company has effectively become a "Green Company." The new photovoltaic system installed on our roofs allows us to meet a significant portion of our daily energy needs, stemming from the operation of our production facilities and refrigeration cells for storage. Simultaneously, all the energy imported from external sources for nighttime operations and on days with limited solar illumination comes entirely from renewable energy sources, primarily hydro and solar power. Thanks to these responsible choices, we can proudly say that we do not use any energy from polluting sources within our company processes.


Our journey towards sustainability is constantly evolving. We believe it is a fundamental prerogative to continuously monitor and implement our business practices and processes to never lose sight of these goals. It is in this direction that technological progress within our production site is always in motion, with ongoing updates and process evolutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and consequently minimizing environmental impact.

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